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Wednesday 3 June 2020

Poker Butterfly Heart

Poker Butterfly Heart

Designed by Margaret Davies © 2020

This pattern came about in Lock down playing  Virtual Poker tatting,  by given a set of poker cards,  we were asked to design a piece of tatting,  this is what I came up with.

-           Picot
+   -      Join
Vsp -  very small picot
JR  -  Josephine ring,  the numbers beside are the stitches count for the JR
CTM – continuous thread

I suggest two shuttles CTM for this pattern, I used size 20 thread but it’s up to you what size you use.  As you tat the chains the butterfly will stand up making it 3d.  At the beginning of every chain do a very small picot so you can join the next chain

1st ring            10 – 6 – 4
2nd ring           4 + 6 – 6 -4
3rd ring            4 + 6 – 6- 4
4th ring            4 + 6 – 10
do not break off thread


This starts at the top of the butterfly
1st chain  20 + (join to 2nd ring) vsp 5 – 5 + (join to 3rd ring) vsp 20 + (join to top of butterfly) v
2nd chain 25 + (join to p on 2nd ring) vsp 7 – 7 + join to 3rd ring) vsp 25 + (join to top of butterfly) vsp
3rd chain 28 + (join to p on 2rd ring) vsp 9 – 9 + (join to p on 3rd ring) vsp 28 +   (join to top of butterfly) vsp
4th chain  7 JR10, 5 JR10, 5 JR10, 5JR10,  5JR10,  7  + (join to p on 2nd ring)  6 JR10,  6 JR20, 6 JR10, 6 + (join to p on 3rd ring) 7 JR10, 5 JR10, 5 JR10, 5 JR10, 5 JR10, 7 + join to top of butterfly.

In the picture I did a spiral chain so it could be hang up, but this is optional, I added a small piece of thread to the butterfly for the antennas.

Feel free to use the pattern for personal use or to sell items made from it, but not to sell the pattern as if it was yours.  Please credit me as the designer of the pattern

Link to the poker game http://tatyourownadventure.wordpress.com

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  1. Margaret I can't even imagine how clever you must be to come up with this gorgeous design, beautiful.x