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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saint Patricks Day Shamrock Earrings

I have been given permission from Rachel of Piney Woods Tatter Blog to print the shuttle tatting pattern for her earrings. The original Pattern was for Needle tatting which I have worked out into a Shuttle pattern.

You need:-
One Shuttle with whatever colour thread as its shamrocks green would be the colour.
One bead per earring
ds - double stitches
vsp - very small picot

Put one bead on the thread and take a long end from the Shuttle, this will be used for the chain at the beginning and saves joining the ball onto the shuttle.
With the bead at the end work a chain of 7 ds.
Ring 15ds vsp (roll the ring around in your hand so you are working on the other side of the ring) 5 ds vsp 5 ds join to the first vsp this makes a small ring which you pinch together ( I found that be putting a vsp it bent easier) now roll the ring back so you are working on the same way as the first half of the ring 15 ds close ring. By rolling the ring in your fingers you can tat both side of the ring and the small ring will look as if you have done another ring inside the ring. I am wondering if I have found a new method of doing two rings together. Let me know what you think. Repeat twice tie and cut.

For a four leaf shamrock repeat ring three times.

Put earring clip in the top of the middle dimpled ring.

I hope you enjoy making these earrings.



  1. Thanks so much Margaret! I'll have to make a few pairs for me, sister, and Mom.

  2. So lovely earrings!!!
    When I saw it, I feel the spring delight.
    Thank you for sharing the pattern :)

  3. Wonderful of you and Rachel for this pattern. She does lovey needle tatting which I have not attempt yet. Thanks for the shuttle conversion!

  4. I joined your sight but this is not showing up on my list and I have missed some, love the idea Margaret your items are fun too and love all the patterns and tips. This is Carollyn

    1. You have not missed anything, I have not posted anything for a while I should get down and do something new for this blog.
      I hope you enjoy making the earrings