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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Margarets Knitted Roses with Leaves

This is the pattern for my Knitted Roses with Leaves. I am sure their are similar patterns but this is how I made mine.
I used double knitted on the rose pin pictured left and on the cupcake I used 4 ply, the thinner the wool the smaller the rose will be or the thicker the wool the bigger the rose will be. Both these items have been posted on my main blog
sts stitches
ss stocking stitch
K knit
P purl
m1 take the first stitch of the row and purl and knit making two stitches
fwd wool forward over needle.
sl1K2tog, slip one stitch and K2 together
psso pass slip stitch over.


Cast on 7 sts
8 rows ss
9th row M1 knit to end 8 sts.
continue in ss
12th row K6 turn and P to end
13th P6 turn K to end
14th row K to end
15th row P to end
16th row M1 K to end
17th row P to end
18th row K7 turn p to end
19th row P 7 turn and knit to end
20th row M1 and k to end continue like this every 10 rows
25th row K to last 2sts and turn and p to end do 3 rows ss and then next row K to end.
When you get to 18sts cast off 1st purl wise every 5 rows continue with two more increase to 20sts. when you get to 13sts knit five rows then knit to last 2sts turn, next row k to last 2sts turn and continue until 3sts left on the needle K1 row and cast off. This gives you an end to tuck in and place the leaf over the tuck in thus covering up the end.

This small rose was done in the same way but finished up with 12 sts at the end.


Cast on 3sts
1st row P3
2nd row K1 fwd K1 fwd K1
3rd row every other row
4th Row K2 fwd K1 fwd K2
6th row K3 fwd K1 fwd K3
8th row K4 fwd K1 fwd K4
10th row K5 fwd K1 fwd K5
12th row K
14th row K5 sl1K2tog psso K5
16th row K4 sl1K2tog psso K4
18th row K3 sl1K2tog psso K3
20th row K2 sl1K2tog psso K2
22nd row K1 sl1K2tog psso K1
23rd row sl1K2tog psso
I hope you enjoy this pattern, if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you.
In the meantime enjoy


  1. aww what a great blog! i so want to try to make a brooch like this, its gorgeous. the cupcake looks lovely too. i'll let you know how i get on. thank you so much for the pattern.

    suzanne x

  2. Lovely blog and a big thank you for sharing the pattern!

  3. Your blog is very beautiful!I am definitely going to visit you often,hugs