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Friday, 1 April 2011

Sheila's Earrings

This is the pattern for Sheila's Earrings These earrings start with a large ring, then 2 rings hang down, the chains then go from side to side around the rings. This has not been a easy pattern to write out. Close up.
This picture shows two ways one plain and one with beads, beads are put on picots between the chains.


ds Double Stitch

cl close

p picot

j join

Large Ring 2ds p 2ds p 12ds p(this is the join to the earring wire) 12ds p 2ds p 2ds cl.

Small ring 5ds p 5ds cl.

Next ring (which goes around the small ring) 10ds join to p on small ring 10ds cl.

start the chains from the join of the large ring and small rings.

1st Chain 4ds p 6ds p 6ds p 6ds p 4ds join to 1st p on large ring turn

2nd Chain 6ds p j to last chain, (8ds p j to last chain) 3 times 6ds. join to 1st p on the other side of large ring turn

3rd Chain 8ds p j to last chain, (10ds p j to last chain) 3 times 8ds join to 2nd p on the other side of large ring turn

4th Chain 10ds p j to last chain ( 12ds p j to last chain) 3 times 10 ds join to 2nd p on the other side of large ring turn.

5th Chain 2ds (p 1ds) 5 times 2ds j to p on last chain, 2ds (p 1ds) 7 times 2ds x3, 2ds (p 1ds) 5 times 2ds join the large ring on the other side.

Please note I don't mind anyone making my pattern for personal use and you may sell them but please use my name as the designer. There is a copyright on this blog. thank you,

I hope you enjoy my pattern.



  1. the pattern is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you for this blog! I love it! Your work is awesome and its so kind of you to share!

  3. Wow Margaret! You are famous! Found this pattern on Pinterest! LOL

  4. Hi Margaret.. Many thanks for your comment on my blog.. I have not been around much in Blog world due to ill health but am getting there now so I thought I would just post this card... Love your Tatting.. I wish I could remember how to do it.. it's been so long since I raised a shuttle....LOL.. Hope you are keeping well.. Speak soon.. Hugs XXX